Agro Manunggal Group
2020 Calendar

Patterns of Indonesia

The implementation is that we choose several Batik patterns from all over the provinces for each month to resemble the massive and diverse culture in Indonesia. To live up with what Argo Manunggal Group has envisioned, we also tell the story and meaning behind each pattern on every month to raise awareness of Batik within the calendar.

Agro Manunggal Group

Completed – 2019

Calendar Design, Print

In this calendar project, we delivered a concept that would embody the culture and heritage of Indonesia, using a special design from the renowned and exceptional pattern of Indonesia – Batik.

Argo Manunggal Group itself bears a noble vision to empower and accredit local values together with local products to the broader world. They have shown extraordinary expertise and professional business conduct as they encompass various products such as textiles, garments, plantations, and others.