Office Tower for Visioner Leaders

Nestled within the vibrant PIK 2 area, The Ark emerges as a symbol of modern workspaces, ready to redefine the landscape for ambitious young leaders. In a region where full-fledged facilities are still evolving, The Ark steps in to bridge the gap, aiming to set itself apart as an office tower unlike any other. Newman crafted a branding identity that aligns with their vision—a sanctuary where elegance seamlessly integrates with functionality, tailored to effortlessly blend into the dynamic business world.

PT Putra Utara Ventura

Completed — 2023

Branding, Print

Newman’s touch in visual identity and branding has played a crucial role in shaping The Ark into a space that radiates sophistication and potential.

Every aspect of The Ark, from its aesthetic appeal to its tone of voice, has been carefully curated to reflect our dedication to innovation and excellence. The Ark aimed to create an environment where modern professionals thrive, with every amenity catering to the dynamic needs of today’s mobile workforce.

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The Ark’s logo is a fusion of lighthouse, rays of light, and upward trajectory, symbolizes the company’s role as a guiding force for its team and clients.


The lighthouse represents safety and clear direction, guiding the ship (company) through uncharted waters. The emanating rays of light signifies knowledge, innovation, and illumination, highlighting the company’s insightful approach to navigating complex challenges. The upward direction reflects The Ark’s unwavering ambition and commitment to grow, inspiring confidence and a shared vision for success. This logo tells a powerful story of leadership, clarity, and ambition, positioning The Ark as a beacon of progress and achievement.

In defining the ark’s visual identity, Newman instilled a professional atmosphere in the Ark’s visual identity, ensuring each detail aligned perfectly with the project’s core values. Aiming for clear communication and a successful outcome.
We collaborated with Aegepix 3D Studio to create professional-looking renders that represent Newman’s visual concept. Newman provided direction from the angle of the render to the overall look. This collaborative effort aimed for both aesthetic excellence and effective communication, contributing significantly to The Ark’s success story.
Newman embarked on the task of defining The Ark’s voice and tone, strategically tailoring a professional appearance and manner of communication to appeal to prospective international partners seeking to establish business within The Ark’s domain.
Newman presents a bold and refined design mood, setting the standard for professional and luxurious office buildings.


With modernity at the forefront, Newman’s craftsmanship adorns each space with distinction, exemplifying refined excellence. From the elegant hues of black that define The Ark’s aesthetic to their sleek silhouette design, every element exudes professionalism and sophistication.