The first integrated residential complex in Labuan Bajo.

Exotic residences located in the lush green and open-coasted scenery of North Labuan Bajo. With a total of 4.5 ha of land area, 144 residences, 78 low rise apartments, and a range of integrated facilities.

PT. Kaliwatu Residence

Completed – 2023

Branding, Print, Social Media

Introducing ‘Kaliwatu’, NEWMAN’s distinguished project in the coveted enclave of Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. This visionary residential complex was the first of its kind in Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, showcasing our commitment to curating exceptional experiences.

The name ‘Kaliwatu’ is derived from the Indonesian words ‘Kali’ (river) and ‘Watu’ (stone), meaning ‘River Stone’. It reflects the unique beauty of surrounding landscape, conveying a message of authenticity and the interconnectedness of nature’s elements. The brand identity itself showcases a blend of rock and earth, embodies the essence of Labuan Bajo.

Our deliberate approach to design encompassed the natural world in all aspects, from visual imagery to logos, branding and printed materials. Specifically, the logotype influenced by the upwards slope of the Kaliwatu site, envisioning the beauty of Kaliwatu’s natural wonders.

The brown color reflects the exoticism of life in Kaliwatu, while the blue color of the sea indicates tranquility, combined with the gold color that gives an elegant impression. By applying the calm waves of the sea, creating a wavy supergraphic that will be brought into the overall identity.

Every element was infused with the essence of nature, sophistication, and precision, shaping the distinct identity of ‘Kaliwatu’. The incorporation of textured paper and gold foil added a tactile elegance and luxurious touch that set the project apart.

Kaliwatu’s social media content embodies a minimalist, informative style, meticulously crafted to preserve visual elegance. Attention to detail ensures a perfect balance between information and showcasing the Kaliwatu lifestyle. Mirroring natural elements, the color palette blends blue with natural green, brown, and beige tones, reflecting the dynamic Kaliwatu lifestyle while maintaining overall tidiness.