Moving Forward, Flying Upward

PT Waskita Modern Realti Tbk.

Completed – 2022

Company Profile, Layout, Copywriting, Print

Among Newman’s portfolio of projects, one notable endeavor involved the development of Waskita Modern Realti’s 2022 Company Profile. The primary goal was to craft a comprehensive and modern layout, instilling professionalism throughout the document. This conceptualizing the visual theme, designing layouts, and selecting typography that seamlessly aligned with the company’s vision.

The company profile prominently features Vasaka City, the flagship project that highlights Waskita Modern Realti’s unwavering commitment to industry growth and innovation. The dual-language presentation in Indonesian and English ensures accessibility to a broader audience, emphasizing Newman’s central role in developing this comprehensive 2022 profile.

We took a lead role in the creation of a bespoke pattern tailored exclusively for Waskita Modern Realti. This distinctive pattern is an artful arrangement of simplified lines, ingeniously forming the silhouette of residential buildings. It aligns seamlessly with the tagline, “Moving Forward, Flying Upward,” effectively conveying Waskita Modern Realti’s remarkable journey towards becoming a premier and highly sought-after property development company.

This artistic initiative underscores Newman’s commitment to elevating the visual identity and branding strategies of Waskita Modern Realti, infusing a touch of sophistication and uniqueness into their corporate image.

The pattern, when combined with Spot UV, adds a tactile texture to the company profile, creating a sense of quality from the very beginning.

This demonstrates Newman’s exceptional capability in accurately interpreting and executing the brief, shining a light on our professionalism and attention to detail.