Core Cipete
The Red Corner

The Hottest Red in the Corner!

Core Cipete marketing gallery is located in one of the street corners in Cipete, Jakarta.
The initial concept from the developer is to build a modest marketing gallery that shares purpose as a destination to work and have some finger bites with a plain zinc material for the architecture.

Instead of making a plain marketing gallery in the crowded and dull surroundings, the gallery was elevated through a simple yet effective solution to be outstanding – make it hot red! Along with the hot red concept, the gallery is blessed with the name ‘The Red Corner’.

The signage & wayfinding was also carefully crafted with a bold and consistent depth from a container skin that becomes a distinctive identity for the marketing gallery.

Core Cipete marketing gallery – The Red Corner can be easily seen from Cipete MRT Station.

PT Jaya Real Property, Tbk

Completed – 2019

Signage & Placemaking

Jakarta, Indonesia