A Place Where Modern Living Begins.

Gaia Bumi Raya City (Gaia), is a new ‘landmark’ & the biggest mall in the city. Gaia BRC offers over 150 shops alongside exhibitions, activities, and seasonal festivals. It also has the largest in-mall central park called D’Terrace.

Gaia means ‘earth’ or ‘land’, reflecting the group’s essence ‘Bumi’. The logogram itself has a meaning of prosperity and pulls out the tri-geometric form that weaves vastly from signage, and wayfinding to almost every design aspect in the mall.

The signage & wayfinding are also crafted with precise cuts, humble materials, and the bronze color that represents Gaia’s earth tone is beautifully showcased and harmonized perfectly with its surroundings.

As soon as its grand opening on 21 January 2021, Gaia BRC has become a heat destination, uplifting, engaging travelers, visitors, and residents. Definitely, a place where modern living begins.

Bumi Raya Group

Completed – 2021

Branding & Graphics
Signage & Placemaking

Pontianak, Indonesia