Powering The Future

PT Genco Energi Nusantara

Completed – 2020

Branding & Graphics

Genco Petrol Industrial and Marine Fuel Company, known for its trading and shipping services, offers forward-thinking solutions to its B2B clientele. The company is renowned for its excellence and reliability in the industry, consistently upholding its commitment to delivering top-notch services. Newman’s meticulous attention to detail played a pivotal role in crafting compelling branding strategies for Genco Petrol, elevating their standing in the B2B sector.

This infinity symbol is a result of our attention to detail. With a keen eye for branding, we designed the logo to mirror Genco Petrol’s commitment to ‘Unlimited Potential’. We merged the timeless infinity symbol with ‘C’ and ‘O’ initials, creating a logo that embodies the company’s core values, emphasizing ‘Balance’ and ‘Harmony’. This combination reinforces Genco Petrol’s vision of a world where energy and progress coexist harmoniously.

The color red is more than just aesthetics, it symbolizes Genco Petrol’s energy and unwavering passion. It reflects their dedication to dynamic energy solutions and shaping the future.

The logotype and fonts also mirror their forward-thinking approach and alignment with innovation in the energy sector. In essence, these choices exemplify their dedication to surpassing expectations and positioning Genco Petrol at the forefront of innovation and excellence, all with the goal of powering the future.

Newman’s work on Genco Petrol’s branding, from stationery to uniforms and vehicles, has created a consistent and memorable design. This initiative goes beyond a surface-level makeover; it strengthens the connection with the audience and meets diverse client needs.

For Genco Petrol, brand-building means creating a lasting impression, and Newman’s commitment ensures every aspect of the brand identity remains consistent. This collaboration perfectly matches Genco Petrol’s legacy and trust, now and in the future.