The brand Kopirestu blossomed from the founders’ deep passion for coffee. Steeped in a family tradition dating back to 1934, Kopirestu emerges as a modern tribute to Indonesia’s rich coffee legacy, seamlessly blending ancestral roots and contemporary style in each sip.

By carefully selecting only the finest grade A beans, the brand ensures a consistently delightful brew that whispers tales of heritage in every cup, with the hope that it blesses the hustle and bustle of Jakarta workers in the morning.

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Completed – 2020

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In the bustling landscape of specialty coffee, Kopirestu stands out as a haven for true coffee connoisseurs. They offer exquisitely sourced beans, meticulously roasted and brewed to perfection, all at reasonable prices. However, simply having great coffee wasn’t enough. To ensure Kopirestu’s success, NEWMAN was entrusted with the task of crafting a brand that reflected their commitment to quality and resonated with their target audience.

Embracing heritage and modernity, Kopirestu’s logo whispers timeless tradition in modernized Javanese script Clean typography amplifies the brand’s dedication to simplicity, beckoning you to explore a world of premium quality and cultural richness.
Let Kopirestu’s inviting symbol guide you to your perfect cup – every sip a rich mosaic of taste and tradition.

kopirestu logo black background
kopirestu font typeface

The chosen font is a masterpiece of modern minimalism, effortlessly guiding the customer through their coffee haven. Every letter flows seamlessly, inviting people to explore their delectable brews, discover their story, and connect with their community.

kopirestu color palette

Imbued with the aromatic whispers of Indonesian coffee beans, Kopirestu’s visual identity subtly infused with a customized pattern inspired from Aceh and Flores weaving motifs. These interwoven patterns, orchestrated by NEWMAN to elevate every brand touchpoint, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness that stays with you for moments to come.

The tagline “Awali dengan restu” (Begin with blessings) encapsulates the brand’s essence, urging customers to commence their mornings with a dose of “Restu”, translating to “Blessing” in Indonesian. It strives to create a positive and memorable start to each day, offering a delightful coffee journey for a diverse and discerning audience.

kopirestu label coffee

Kopirestu’s packaging is more than practical—it’s a canvas echoing the tales of Indonesia. It’s a packaging and an immersive sensory experience at the same time, inviting exploration that lingers long even after the final sip.

kopirestu white label sticker bottle

NEWMAN’s commitment is evident in the careful consideration given to every nuance, elevating the standard of design where each detail serves a dual purpose – enhancing the aesthetic allure while preserving the integrity of the communicated message. This purposeful synergy results in marketing collaterals that are not just visually compelling but also convey information with clarity and impact.

kopirestu apron cafe
kopirestu screen menu