M Bloc Space

A historical building that is cultivated into a creative space, live music venue, and hangout place for the local community.

M Bloc Space – House of Vibrant Gigs & Creative Culture, located within the Peruri complex in South Jakarta is a fresh hub in the neighborhood that attracts streams of lifestyle enthusiasts to discover various music, food, and local brands’ products.

Alongside Jacob (Arcadia Architect) and his team, we work with an idea through branding & signage design to cultivate the building that used to be a money-printing factory into a melting pot for local musicians, artists, makers, and creative freelancers to connect, collab and build their practice; also for the community to participate in artistic and various creative activities.

M Bloc Space

Completed – 2019

Branding & Graphics
Signage & Placemaking

Jakarta, Indonesia

M Bloc Space