Menteng Hills

Prestigious Residence in the Heart of Jakarta’s CBD

PT Asia Kuningan Pratama

Completed – 2019

Branding & Graphics

In 2019, as one of Newman’s earliest projects, we were trusted by PT Asia Kuningan Pratama to create branding for a residential project: Menteng Hills. This marks a significant milestone in Indonesian property history as an exclusive 4 ha development area divided into 50 limited land lots. The concept of Menteng Hills’ branding aims to bring out Menteng’s exclusive location and luxurious atmosphere that’s rich with history and embodies nobility.

Throughout the stationery design, the diamond patterns grace the various surface of the items. The incorporation of the design ensures a cohesive branding that echoes the property’s fusion of luxury and cultural elegance, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers alike.

This brochure is a seamless integration of visual and branding with harmonious life of humanity as the key. Font, layout, copywriting, and imagery choices exist to serve a purpose.

The function of this brochure goes beyond representing the project, it also serves as a glimpses of possibilities of the life the potential buyers will have upon residing in this property.

Created by a thoughtful consideration of the business strategy with our target market in mind, Newman wants to make sure that in every handover of folder map, brochure, business card, and other point of sales; Menteng Hills’ core value will always be present.